Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Yunjin modelling for Lebeige and supporting Heart For Eye

HEART FOR EYE is a charity founded by KUHO in 2006 to help support eyesight recovery operations for children of low-income families. In Korea, there are approximately 200,000 blind people who live among 48 million people with good sight. What is surprising is that those born congenitally blind could have led healthy lives if only they had received proper treatment and an operation in early childhoood.
What we found is that most children suffering from impaired vision do not receive timely medical diagnosis and treatment due to economic hardships. We thought that it is necessary to provide eyesight recovery operations to those in greatest need - children in foster care, orphanages and single-parent families - who are the least likely to receive the needed care and support.
LEBEIGE - A brand that was launched in S/S season of 2009 by Cheil Industries. Lebeige is designed by creative director Kuho Jung and targets women in their 40s and 50s. The beige represents the image of woman in the 40s and displays their tradition, calmness, relaxedness and grace. This means they pursue their own styles distinctive from others.
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