Friday, December 24, 2010

'Heart is Beating' press conference, December 23, 2010

From 10asia:

Korean actress Kim Yoon-jin has said it took her a while to decide if she wanted to play another mother role.

Kim made the remark on Thursday [December 23, 2010] during a press conference for new thriller flick "Heartbeat" [held at a Lotte Cinema in Seoul] as she explained to reporters on how she made the decision to play the role Yeon-hee.

"I didn't choose this role thinking that I will be able to express my maternal instincts once again but because the overall script was written very well", Kim said.

"Even though the storyline and appearance of the movie may be similar to the mother roles that I played in "Seven Days" and "Harmony", Yeon-hee was different in that she is fragile, feminine and very complex".

She further said, "To be honest, I needed more time to make my decision because I was hesitant since it was a maternal role but I didn't want to lose out on this great opportunity".
 Pictures and video of the event under the cut.

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