Sunday, October 17, 2010

New title and images for Yunjin Kim and Park Hae-il's movie

Previously known as "The Confrontation"/"Duel" (대결), the movie starring Kim Yun-jin and Park Hae-il has changed its title to "Heart Is Beating" (심장이 뛴다) and is set to be released in December 2010.

The plot:
Yeon-Hee works as a director for an English Language Institute. She lives a wealthy live, but after her husband passed away, her only treasure is her daughter Ye-Eun. Yeon-Hee soon falls into despair when she learns her daughter has a heart disease.
After going through so much, Yeon-Hee pays an exorbitant amount to a black-market organ dealer for a healthy heart for her daughter. The heart comes from a patient in a persistent vegetative state.
When the time nears for her daughter's heart transplant surgery, Lee Hee-Do (Park Hae-Il), the son of the woman in the vegetative state, suddenly appears to stop the transplant. In the past, Hee-Do was a bad son often leeching money off of his mother. He parted ways with his mother, but when he learns of the current situation he tries to protect his mother. With only one heart, Yeon-Hee and Hee-Do both are both desperate to do what they believe is the right thing. 

Teaser poster and movie stills:

Rest of the images under the cut.

sources: Hancinema ; AsianMediaWiki ; Daum

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